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Instead of paying many hundreds of pounds seeking treatment for a condition or problem you are experiencing you can now purchase a downloadable hypnosis session for only £30 which is less than half the cost of one private treatment session.


Below is a list of the hypnosis sessions I have produced that are available to download if you have a problem or condition or problem that is not listed please contact me and I will be happy to produce a hypnosis session for you at the same price. To purchase simply select the type of treatment you are interested in, a link will then take you to a payment screen. Once payment as been accepted you will be sent a password to allow you access to the download you purchased.



Instant Hypnosis Weight Loss


Instant Hypnosis Ultimate Weight Loss


Instant Hypnosis Stop Smoking


Instant Hypnosis Stress Buster


Instant Hypnosis Fear of Public Speaking


Instant Hypnosis How to be Successful


Instant Hypnosis How to Think Rich


Instant Hypnosis Fear of Flying


Instant Hypnosis How to relieve Insomnia


Instant Hypnosis Sports Improvement


Instant Hypnosis Fear of Flying


Instant Hypnosis Claustrophobia


Instant Hypnosis Agoraphobia


Instant Hypnosis How to be Happy


Instant Hypnosis How to Change your Life


Instant Hypnosis Fear of Dentists


Instant Hypnosis How to relieve Tinnitus


Instant Hypnosis How to relieve Blushing


Instant Hypnosis How to Improve Relationships


Instant Hypnosis Nail Biting


Instant Hypnosis Thumbsucking


Instant Hypnosis Grief


Instant Hypnosis Financial Worries


Instant Hypnosis Fear of Cats


Instant Hypnosis Fear of Dogs


Instant Hypnosis Fear of Birds


Instant Hypnosis Fear of Public Transport


Instant Hypnosis Fear of Losing


Instant Hypnosis Fear of Dissapointing Others


Instant Hypnosis Fear of Commitment


Instant Hypnosis Exam Nerves


Instant Hypnosis Believing in Yourself


Instant Hypnosis Believing in Your Potential


Instant Hypnosis Releasing Anxiety


Instant Hypnosis Embarrassment


Instant Hypnosis Being Positive


Instant Hypnosis Lack of Security


Instant Hypnosis Getting over Someone


Instant Hypnosis Accepting Yourself


Instant Hypnosis Travel Sickness


Instant Hypnosis Fear of Heights


Instant Hypnosis Play better Poker


Instant Hypnosis Pain Release


Instant Hypnosis Inner Peace


Instant Hypnosis Chakra Releasing


Instant Hypnosis Driving Test Nerves


Instant Hypnosis PMT


Instant Hypnosis Learn to Relax


Instant Hypnosis Learn to Speak up for Yourself


Instant Hypnosis Skin Improvement





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Life will bring

you pain all

by itself.



is to create



Milton H Erickson


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