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Ear Candling( Thermal-Auricular) Treatment Available

A picture of a young woman laid on her side on a therapy bed with a ear candle in her ear. Ear Candling (Thermal-Auricular)



Ear Candling is a gentle therapy which is widely used to alleivate ear nose and throat problems and symtoms.


Ear candles are a hollow tubes made from organic cotton flax, infused with powdered herbs, honey extract and bees wax. They contain camomile which is an anti-inflammatory, St Johns wort which is an analgesic nerve tonic and sage which is a stimulant that relaxes peripheral blood vessels.

Ear candling is not suitable for people with inner ear problems.


However for the majority of people it is a gentle effective sinus treatment.

The treatment involves the patient laying on a therapy bed and the lighted ear candle is gently placed in the outer ear, the warm air generated by the candle creates a vacuum that draws the sinus blockages and excess ear wax into the base of the candle. Whilst the candle is burning the sinus area of the face is gently massaged and acupressure points stimulated, this helps to speed up the relief of blockages and the extraction of wax.

It is a completely relaxing treatment with no harmful affects.



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