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The Rosemary Owen Hypnotherapy clinic is based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, Rosemary is a senior member of the GHR (General Hynotherapy Register) and is one of the most highly qualified hypnotherapists in the UK.

With over 3 decades of experience in the field of hypnotherapy and stress management along with many other qualifications in Holistic Therapies.

Rosemary's ethos is in dedicating her working life to helping clients achieve a balanced and stress free life using Hypnosis, along with the successful achievement of their individual goals. After carrying out a free Hypnosis consultation, Rosemary uses her many years of experience to choose the correct Hypnotherapies to suite a clients needs.

Rosemary completed an in depth and structured 4 year Hypnosis training course in the Leeds clinic of the eminent Dr Dylan Morgan a senior hypnotherapist and prolific author of hypnotherapy related books. Rosemary's training along with academic studies involved practical experience in treating clients using Hypnosis. For the last two years of the training programme she worked throughout the North of England with her own clients while being mentored and monitored by Dr.Morgan. After qualifying she worked for a further three years in Dr Morgans Leeds Hypnotherapy clinic before successfully opening her own hypnotherapy and stress counselling clinic over two and a half decades ago providing her services to clients not only in Leeds, West Yorkshire but Worldwide.


Rosemary has been a leading figure in Stress Management Counselling and therapeutic approaches to the reduction of stress for over 20 years.


She has also carried out consultancy work in several major centres and enjoyed great success with her clients both corporate and private, particularly in the areas of Coping with and Managing Stress. The root cause of the onset of stress can be varied and Rosemary’s experience includes workplace treatment among staff and employees within large and small businesses based not only in West Yorkshire but throughout the UK.

Her experience of working with and helping people is widespread and comprehensive.


                  Rosemary's fame is not restricted to just West Yorkshire or even the UK but has spread as far as the USA, where she was asked to do an interview on a Texas radio station about her techniques in sports enhancement using her own highly successful tailored hypnotherapy techniques. This has been widely publicised here and internationally, click on either of the two links  Poker 777 and RiverCityPokernews see how it could help you.

                  There has also been articles published in the Yorkshire Post (friday March 17 2006) and Yorkshire Evening Post (saturday March 25 2006) chronicling Rosemarys successful treatment of a Leeds based patient with a spending addiction. Rosemary was also invited to take part in a live broadcast on BBC radio Leeds to discuss, with the clients consent, the way in which she had successfully overcome the clients problems.

                  Over the past several years Rosemary has worked with many large corporations, and in 2011 was asked to carry out a survey for the 99p chain of shops regarding the economical climate, the stress connected with day to day shopping and how shoppers were trying to make their money go further. The Yorkshire Post asked Rosemary for her professional opinion on the economic climate and how people coped under these stressful conditions.

                  Rosemary's passion for Hypnotherapy has seen her carry out over 20 years of research into Hollistic Therapies and its most famous exponents, and was recently asked to collaborate on a book about Dr Alexander Cannon (1896 - 1963) a famous hypnotherapist linked to the Royal Family and the abdication crisis.

                 For both interested clients and students of hynotherapy Rosemary has included a few of the various informative articles and books she has written, which are included in the Library section of this website. Rosemary has now included a link to the late Dr Dylan Morgans site so that enthusiasts can read some of Dr Morgans inspirational books.

                In recent years, and with the advent of computers, Rosemary has developed a series of introductory CD's and associated information packs for interested clients and students of Hypnotherarapy/Hollistic Therapies to purchase. Rosemary has also developed her own unique CD's for clients, which can be tailored to a clients specific needs, these are then shipped to the client anywhere in the world.


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