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Hypnosis Treatments Available

The list below are the treatments we specialise in treating at our clinic, for more information please click on either the coloured relevant topic below or chose from the selection tabs down the left hand side of your page . If your particular problem is not listed please feel free to call me on my direct number and I will discuss your problem in private and suggest the correct treatment for you.



Stop Smoking,           Weight Loss,           Public Speaking,    


  Stress Relief         Fear of Spiders,        Fear of Flying ,    



Fear of Dentists ,        Claustrophobia ,         Agrpohobia    



Insomnia,       Tinitus,          Relationship Problems,   


     Nail Biting,       Thumb Sucking,      Grief,    



 Sports Improvement           Financial Worries,  






  NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming),



Costs of Treatments



Other treatments we can provide are Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) and Reiki, Stress relief hypnotherapy/Massages. For more information phone me on 07956 501964 or email



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