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Nail Biting

Man biting his finger nails Stop Nail Biting Today

Nail biting is a nervous habit generally starting in childhood. A nervous child will look for a form of comfort, and what better than to revert to their basic instinct of putting something in their mouth.

The first thing a new born baby will do is to forage for its mother’s milk, which nurtures and comforts them. And so in times of stress a child will automatically seek comfort in a similar way. The easiest way of doing this is to put their fingers into their mouth, and so the nail biting habit begins.

It is a dirty, unhealthy habit, when you consider the things children do each day, (playing in mud, grovelling on the floor), without worrying about the need to wash their hands regularly. For this reason alone the habit should be broken as soon as possible.

When the habit is allowed to continue unchecked it can follow through into adult life and in times of stress or simply out of habit the nail biting continues.

Gnawing on the ends of your fingers is an unsightly, unpleasant habit, many people who suffer from this repulsive habit are ashamed and try to avoid others seeing their bitten nails, and consequently this has a knock on effect on their self confidence, causing further problems.


During HYPNOSIS your powerful sub-conscious mind comes to the fore, and can accept ideas and suggestions which are for your benefit. Whilst in this state of deep relaxation the urge to bite your nails can be taken away, and a sense of peaceful calmness replaces it. You can STOP BITING your NAILS. It’s up to you.


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