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Thumb Sucking

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Thumb sucking is a normal behavior in most babies, it is a result of the natural instinct to suck their mother’s milk.

Some scans have shown babies still in the womb sucking their thumbs. In most cases it is a habit which is outgrown in early childhood. In rare cases the habit may continue into later childhood or even adult life.

This is a result of the habit not being broken at the appropriate time.

The reason for adult thumb sucking really is just a childish habit that was never broken, therefore becoming more deeply ingrained as time passes.

Many adult thumb suckers report they gain a strong sense of soothing calmness from this action. No doubt a throwback to those feelings it arouses in the baby.

It is often used to sooth them to sleep, and is frequently resorted to in times of stress.

However it can be deeply upsetting, as most adults feel very self conscious and try to hide this habit from everybody except those very close to them.

It can also create dental problems such as buck teeth, and of course there is the danger of infectious germs unless hands are frequently and thoroughly washed.

It lowers the self esteem and is generally regarded as juvenile and carries a stigma, making it a distressing experience for the sufferer.

Help is available, you do not have to suffer with this condition.

Hypnotherapy is a successful way of breaking old habits. So if you feel you are ready to let go of this embarrassing distressing habit, you can stop sucking your thumb easily. You really can gain control over your life.

You can stop thumb sucking by using a pleasant hypnotic regression and visualization technique.

In hypnosis it is easy to learn and develop the skills required to STOP thumb sucking easily and safely.

You can become free of the thumb sucking habit.


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