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Treatment for Blushing

Treatment for blushing


Hypnotherapy is an extremely effective way of taking control of your own emotional responses.


Blushing is an emotional response.

With the help of Hypnosis you can become less self conscious and learn how to stop worrying about events and situations which in the past have been the trigger for blushing.

You can learn relaxation techniques which will help you through anxious and embarrassing moments.

Regression can reveal the original situation that first started you blushing and set the trend for it continue in certain circumstances.

Once the root cause of a problem has been discovered the negative feelings and emotions which your sub-conscious mind associates with similar circumstances can be neutralised and replaced with positive good feelings, so that the blushing response is no longer triggered.

By increasing your self confidence and reducing your emotional sensitivity you will be able to see things in there true perspective.

Without magnifying them and allowing them to get out of proportion.


Putting you in control of your life.

There is an excellent website

Which has been created by a lady who suffered from acute blushing problems.


She resolved her situation with the help of Hypnosis.


On her website you can read of her own experiences and how she successfully overcame them.


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