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Many health problems can be successfully treated by the use of Hypnotherapy.


Your first step should always be to seek a diagnosis from your GP to ensure there is not a more serious underlying illness causing your symptoms.


Studies have shown the extreme benefits of Hypnosis as a form of pain relief, in some cases surgical procedures have been carried out using Hypnosis as the only form of anasthetic, many dentists also incorporate Hypnotherapy into their practise both as a form of anasthetic and also to allieviate fear.


Tinitus responds amazingly well to Hypnotic treatment, when you consider this is a condition that defies conventional medicine yet the success rate with the use of Hypnotherapy is very high. I have listed many doctors among my clients seeking help for this troublesome state. 


So many health realted problems benefit from Hypnosis I have only been able to list a few of the more common ones on the following pages, if you are wondering if Hypnosis could help with your problem do please contact me and I can give you an answer related to your personal situation. 


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