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 Tinitus systoms


Tinnitus is a very distressing condition, where the sufferer hears persistent noises, such as ringing in the ears. However these noises do not stem from any external sources but are generated from within. For some the noise is almost constant while for others it is intermittent.

The sounds vary in texture and volume, some describe it as a white noise, for others it can be a high pitched tone whilst others report a buzzing in the ears.

Sleep is often disturbed as the sounds are more distressing in a period of what should be quite rest. It severely impairs the quality of life.


Clinical Hypnosis can help alleviate this condition.

In Hypnosis the powerful sub-conscious mind is brought to the fore, so the therapist can implant positive idea’s and suggestions which are for you benefit, and at the same time break down old and negative habits which are impairing your quality of life. In this altered state of consciousness it becomes easy to change perceptions and responses thereby allowing you to reject that which is unacceptable in your life.

Hypnosis can help you to achieve peace again.



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