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The Treatment Method for Tinitus.

Stage 1


Information Gathering

The first part of the session is to gather information on how tinitus affects your life, the first time you heard these noises and any other relevant information that will help me to tailor this Hypnotherapy session to your specific needs.

 I will then introduce you to Hypnosis first talking you through it and answering any questions you may have and then taking you into Clinical Hypnosis.



Stage 2



At this time I will ask you to settle yourself into a really comfortable position as I begin the process of guiding you into a Hypnotic state, this is done by talking, emphasis is placed on certain keywords and voice tone, to help you to quickly enter into the state of deep relaxation which we call Clinical Hypnosis. Taking your mind to a place of peace, calm and silence.


Stage 3


Positive Suggestions


This is the point at which I will flood your sub-conscious mind with positive suggestions about you living your life to the full without the distressing distraction of these internal noises.

Encoding these beneficial beliefs into your neurology and physiology, to make it easier for you to attain your goal.



Stage 4


Future Pacing


With the use of this technique we can take your memory forward in time, leaving images of you as the person you would like to be, free from old limiting beliefs and emotions.

Your sub-conscious mind can then accept this as the blueprint you wish to follow as your future lifestyle.


Stage 5




Visualisation is then used allowing your all powerful sub-conscious to accept and retain belief and ideas of you confidently living life the way you choose, feeling the way you want to. Not only now but way into the future.



Stage 6




Finally I will guide you back to a normal wakeful state, bringing with you all of the positive images and suggestions from the session.





At the end of your treatment you will then be given a
free Follow Up CD which I have recorded for the use of my clients.
Regular use of this CD will re-enforce the work we have done during the session.





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