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Fear of Flying


Do you dream of exotic holidays, but confine yourself to local resorts?

Is this because you have a fear of flying?

Fear of flying is surprisingly common and can impose severe limitations on you.

In this modern world travelling to far away places is an everyday event.

Many people have to travel on business for others it is simply for pleasure, whatever the reason for your journey it should be accomplished in a relaxed, easy manner.

It has been estimated that as many as one in ten people suffer from fear of flying to some degree. Yet air travel is easier now than it ever has been, and is increasingly becoming an everyday part of life.

Why deny yourself the freedom to enjoy this wonderful opportunity?

With the help of Hypnosis you can become a happy, confident air traveller.

The fear of flying stems from a sub-conscious idea that flying is dangerous for you, your inner mind therefore produces the symptoms of apprehension and fear to discourage you from putting yourself at risk.

However statistics show that air travel is safer than crossing the road!!!

Twenty five times safer than driving your car!!!

In Hypnotherapy you can relax and learn new and positive thought patterns at a deep sub-conscious level. Once your sub-conscious mind accepts that flying is safe for you it will take away the negative feelings you have been experiencing, leaving you free to explore the world in a calm and serene manner.



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