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"Effects of Hypnosis on Flow States and Golf Performance" .   Ammons Scienticific Publications

"A case study of improved performance in Archery using Hynosis."      Ammons Scienticific Publications

How to become a better Athlete.

All areas of sporting performance can be enhanced and improved with the help of Hypnotherapy.

In the USA all sports colleges have a Hypnotherapy dept. They have discovered that with the use of Hypnosis their students perform better than with conventional training alone.

In Russia scientists carried out research into the effects of Hypnosis techniques on athletes.

Group 1 was given 100% physical training.

Group 2 was given 75% physical training plus 25% mental training.

Group 3 was given 50% physical training plus 50% mental training.

The results showed that group 3 gave the best performances, the memory of the positive visualisation induced in hypnosis, also being stored as muscle memory enabling an automatic physical response by the athlete.

These same techniques can be used to improve your golf game, score more goals, run faster and generally improve the performance of your chosen sport.



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