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Would you like to take some lessons from Angel Cabrera?

He has added to his game by using hypnosis.  Hypnosis known to improve performance and to help you reach your peak.

As the unconscious mind cannot tell if an experience is real or imagined, in hypnosis we can create the environment and success that you desire.  Hypnosis can make it real inside you and you will begin to live the high performance you desire with your game.

Most players tend to concentrate on technique and neglect the essential psychological component.

However by concentrating on the phycological aspect in a hypnosis session, you can learn to think positively and allow all the hard work you have put into preparation  of your game to naturally come out when you play, even in  a high pressure situation.


There is often a tendency to over-think and analyse every surface detail when in a performance situation, even though you can comfortably allow yourselve to perform well in practice sessions.

The key  to success is to allow yourself to perform at your best in a relaxed way, rather than trying to force it to happen.


Hypnosis can remove old associations and negative blocks, such as fear of failure, and to rehearse the reality you truly want to experience.

Anchoring states involves using hypnosis to recall a time of sporting excellence such as winning a race, scoring a goal or playing the perfect round of golf (this can be real or imagined.)

At the moment that these feelings of success reach their peak, the emotion is anchored, helping you to create what is sometimes known as muscle memory, encoding this into your memory banks as your desired outcome for every game.

Hypnotherapy can help by


Teaching relaxation techniques for perfect putting

  • Help align all your motivations and win
  • How to put yourself in “The Zone” at will for your best ever shots
  • Advanced subconscious mind techniques make you a better golfer
  • Help visualising your perfect stroke
  • The secret of dial-up power and accuracy
  • What you must do to improve your putting
  • Blast away limiting beliefs and be amazed by the transformation in your game.
  • Model yourself on an excellent master
  • Absorb Masters level skills, attitudes and yes even abilities through trance induction
  • Install a positive mind set about your developing skills at golf today.



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