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Have you ever watched, Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, Erik Seidel, Gus Hansen or a top class poker player and wondered why they are there and you are playing in your local casino or maybe you do play in the same games as they do but fail to make the final tables or even cash in. Do you wonder what separates them from you? Is it there good looks, not really. Is it they are luckier than anyone else, that's not true either, so what is it, what makes them so consistent at winning.


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Lets go back to square one and talk about the poker basics you may or may not already know about. Poker is a game of skill, judgement, patients, focus and concentration, these are the poker elements you will need if you want to be a consistent winner, but how many players use all of these facets of poker when they are playing. The answer is only 1% and they are the creme de la creme, they are your Phil Hellmuths', Daniel Negreanus', Phil Iveys' and Johnny Chans, these are the poker players you see month after month, year after year, winning huge sums of money.


So knowing what the secret is to winning why doesn't everybody just concentrate harder, be very patient, focus and use really good judgement, the reason is quite simply you are playing at a conscious level rather than a sub conscious level. Rather than drawing on the vast experience stored in your sub-conscious mind you use the limited knowledge stored in your conscious mind. Great poker players are able to draw on this wealth of knowledge to make the right decision more often than the wrong decision.


Using Hypnotherapy you will be able to focus better, understand your goals better, you will be able to use a technique called creative visualisation a technique used by many top sportmen and women, it's a technique that enables you to visualise yourself winning the game, picking up the trophy and collecting those big pay cheques.


Many of todays top poker players are realising that to win long tournaments they have got to maintain great concentration, how many times have you lost at a crucial time in a tournament because you were tired and made the wrong judgement. There are many top players who have fitnesss trainers accompanying them on tour to keep their bodies in peak physical condition so that they can maintain their concentration throughout long tournaments, that's great if you are a millionaire and can afford that lifestyle but for us mere mortals we need to find an edge that is long lasting does not need a huge bankroll to maintain and will enable you to concentrate better for longer. This is were Hypnotherapy comes into its own, it will enable you to draw on your subconscious mind, it will allow you to focus, concentrate and above all use judgement based on more than a hunch. We all have the ability within us to be great poker players how great is upto you.



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