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Using Hypnopis to Stop Smoking and become Healthier and Wealthier

Cigarette burning away in ashtray Stop Smoking Today

Is your smoking causing you concern?


Do you have breathing problems or a constant cough?


Do you ever wonder what damage a cigarette is doing to your health?


Are you fed up with throwing thousands of pounds away?


Would you love to say "I'm a Non Smoker"




Then STOPPING SMOKING could be easier than you ever thought possible.


Hypnotherapy can make it far easier than you ever imagined to Stop Smoking.

By the use of Hypnotherapy nine out of every ten people who seek my help, do in fact overcome this unhealthy, costly and unwanted habit.


Many smokers believe that by STOPPING SMOKING they are depriving themselves of something, when in fact the exact opposite is true!


By STOPPING SMOKING you are giving yourself an invaluable gift.


You are STOPPING poisoning yourself! read the facts for yourself.


By STOPPING SMOKING you are allowing your lungs to breath clean fresh air. Your food will taste better. You will have far more energy.


Not only will your health improve but your financial position will also benefit, as you are no longer spending thousands of pounds a year on this dirty health destroying habit.


That’s right if you smoke twenty cigarettes a day this can cost you over TWO THOUSAND POUNDS a year. If you are smoking forty or more a day then the figure is well over FOUR THOUSAND POUNDS every year!


Think what you could do with this money.


How much could this extra money benefit you and your family?

How would you use it to benefit your life?

Maybe dream holidays, or a car, maybe reduce your mortgage, by paying off a lump sum.

How much would it benefit you?


As a fully qualified HYPNOTHERAPIST working in the LEEDS and WAKEFIELD area, I have over the last twenty years helped thousands of people to QUIT SMOKING almost effortlessly.


The main effect of STOPPING SMOKING with the help of HYPNOTHERAPY is that it minimises and in some cases completely removes the craving for cigarettes and any other tobacco based substance.

This as anyone who has tried to give up using will power alone will appreciate, is the main problem associated with QUITTING SMOKING.

Another effect is to minimise and once again in some cases completely remove the need to substitute anything in place of nicotine.

Probably the best part is that it allows you to feel relaxed with the thought of being a NON SMOKER, which takes away the stress and pressure generally associated with STOP SMOKING, making it easy for you to maintain an even temper in those first SMOKE FREE days.




Hypnotherapy can make it easier than you ever thought possible to rid yourself of this Unhealthy, Costly and unwanted habit.

The National Council for Hypnotherapy recently issued information detailing new research into the effectiveness of HYPNOTHERAPY as a tool to STOPPING SMOKING.


The University of Iowa’s Frank Schmidt along with research student Chockalingham Viswesvaran, carried out meta-analysis, using the results of in excess of 600 studies, with a total of almost 72,000 people.

The results included 48 studies of HYPNOSIS covering 6000 smokers, these were published in the Journal of Applied Psychology.


They clearly showed HYPNOSIS to be THREE TIMES more effective than nicotine replacement therapy.


So is it time to think positively about becoming a permanent NON SMOKER?

Then call or email me now and let me take the stress and worry out of STOPPING SMOKING for you.


Click here to find out how the treatment for Stopping Smoking is carried out.




Reading the facts will help you to stop smoking.



These are links to informative websites.


"Harms of Smoking and Health Benefits of Quitting"      National Cancer Institute


"What are the Health risks of Smoking"         NHS



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