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Stop Smoking Treatment using Hypnosis

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Stage 1.


The first stage in our two hour Stop Smoking session is to gather information on what smoking means to you.


This is easily achieved by asking a series of questions designed to clarify the importance of smoking in each area of your life.

With this knowledge I can then tailor the session to your individual needs, giving emphasis to the areas you need most help.


Stage 2. 


The second stage is to introduce you to Hypnosis, I will talk you through the process explaining what is about to happen, in order to take away any apprehension you may be feeling about entering this perfectly normal therapeutic state. At this stage I will be happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.


Stage 3.

In the third stage I will ask you to settle yourself into a very comfortable position as I begin the Induction, (taking you into Hypnosis).

The Induction is where I place the emphasis on voice tone and introduce certain keywords to help you to quickly enter into the state of deep relaxation which we call Clinical Hypnosis. Once in this hypnotic state you will have many positive suggestions about becoming a non-smoker impressed upon your subconscious.


I will then use a technique known as Future Pacing which encodes deep in your sub-conscious mind images of you in the future as a non-smoker. Enabling you to begin to
believe in yourself as a non-smoker.


Visualisation is then used allowing your all powerful sub-conscious to accept and retain belief and ideas of you without a need for cigarettes.


Final Stage.


The final stage of the Hypnosis session is to release the old habit and re-surface you into a normal wakeful state, bringing with you all of the positive images and suggestions from the session.




At the end of your stop smoking session you will be presented with your complimentary Stop Smoking Pack which I have designed for you. This is full of valuable information and tips to guide you through those first few days of this changeover.


Along with the pack I will give you a free Stop Smoking CD which I have recorded for my clients use. I ask that you play the CD every day for the next 30 days.This re-enforces the work we have done together strengthening it each day.



Free Special Bonus Treatment.

As an added bonus if at anytime in the first three months you feel that you might need a top up session, to bring you back on track, I will do this absolutely free of charge. 




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