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Using Hypnosis to Reduce the Stress Problems associated with Smoking

A cigarette burning away in an ashtray Stop Smoking today

Most smokers will tell you that smoking enables them to cope, relaxes and de-stresses them.

When something goes wrong in their day to day life they will automatically reach for the pack of cigarettes and typically their tobacco intake will increase throughout the stressful period. Many will say they need their smoking habit to keep down their stress levels.

However research shows that this is a myth, smoking does nothing to reduce stress levels and has actually been proved to increase them.

With over 4000 toxins and chemicals in every cigarette it is not possible for it to reduce anxiety levels.

Every time you smoke it actually increases your heart rate, blood pressure and adrenalin levels causing stress and anxiety levels to increase still further.

The reason so many people mistakenly believe in a cigarettes ability to de-stress them is that nicotine creates an immediate feeling of relaxation in the brain, however this is only a temporary sensation which does not in any way reduce the adrenalin being pumped into your system or lower your blood pressure and heart rate. The momentary sense of relaxation very quickly dissolves to be replaced by increased cravings, leaving you waiting for the next cigarette fix.

Smoking is bad for your mental, physical and emotional health. World Health Organisation statistics show that it is set to kill 10 million people a year by 2025. Every 10 seconds someone dies of a smoke related illness. These are shocking statistics and yet it does not have to be this way, the human body is a wonderful creation which repairs itself. If you cut yourself you do not stay cut, the tear to your skin heals the bleeding stops, before too long the only trace of the cut is a small mark in the skin and in many cases even that cannot be seen. In just the same way your body can repair the sinews and organs damaged by smoking. Smoking damage is reversible in most cases.

A survey carried out by New Scientist Magazine concluded that Hypnotherapy is the single most effective way to stop smoking.



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