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How Hypnosis Works




This book is designed to give the reader an accurate and balanced view of how HYPNOTHERAPY as a therapeutic tool works to improve and empower your life.


Many of us have read books or watched films that have portrayed HYPNOSIS in a false, sometimes almost sinister light. Leaving with us lingering images of mind control and the impression of the Hypnotists will over riding our own, resulting in the Hypnotized person entering into a zombie like state, with no power over their own actions.

My aim in writing this book is to lift the veil on the mysticism that so often surrounds this natural state and to dispel those fictional zombie like images.

HYPNOSIS is in fact a very natural state of deep relaxation, whilst in this state your sub-conscious mind, which is the controller of all automatic responses and processes, becomes more open to letting go of old and unwanted habits and processes, and more susceptible to accepting ideas and suggestions which are for your benefit. Contrary to common misconception you will typically remain aware of who and where you are, in most cases you will also consciously remember much of what transpired during your HYPNOTHERAPY session.

HYPNOTHERAPY is an extremely powerful tool, which when used by a qualified professional can bring about deep and lasting beneficial change in almost all areas of your life.

It has been said that if HYNOSIS could be bottled it would be mankind’s wonder drug, as it effectively treats an amazingly wide variety of conditions, issues and unwanted habits.



Chapter 1


The human mind is made up of two major parts, the conscious and the sub-conscious, these two entities have very  different functions to perform.



                                     THE CONSCIOUS MIND


Human beings have five major senses which gather all the information about the world around us, these are touch, smell, sight, hearing and taste. All the data received goes into the conscious mind, which then decides what needs to go and be stored in the sub-conscious.

The conscious mind is the part of your brain that has the ability to reason, it is sometimes known as the objective mind. It is the gatekeeper of the sub-conscious, filtering the information it allows through into the sub-conscious mind.

It is this ability to reason which sets us apart from the rest of the animal kingdom, all other life forms, whether they are animal, mineral or plant life, act only on instinct.

For instance if a dog is under threat it will re-act with aggression, biting and snarling to protect itself, and similarly  if a small child approaches in a manner that the dog perceives to be confrontational, the animal cannot differentiate, it is unable to see that the child is not a threat and so tragically attacks.

A plant will reach out toward the sun instinctively, it cannot stop and wonder if maybe the sun is too hot, it is an automatic response.

It is the ability to reason that has set us apart from all other life forms, it enables us to choose our own path in life, and it has placed us as the highest life form on earth.



                                  THE SUB-CONSCIOUS MIND


This is the all powerful part of your brain, it is essentially the computer room of your entire being.

Studies have shown that over 90% of our brain is governed by the sub-conscious.

All our automatic responses such as breathing, sleeping, waking up and countless more all come from the control room which is our sub-conscious mind.

Its primary job is to protect us and keep us safe but because one of the few things this part of our brain cannot do is to reason, problems can arise.

Fear of flying is a wonderful example of this.

Flying has opened up the world for us, we can easily and conveniently go to the other side of the world in hours, see places and things our ancestors could only have dreamed about. Transact business globally instead of nationally.

All of this has transformed our lives, giving us a freedom unequalled throughout our history. Yet for many the flight is an ordeal to be endured in order to enjoy this freedom, whilst many others have such a morbid fear of flying that they would rather deny themselves the freedom. This despite the fact that we know it is safer to fly than to cross the road!

The reason for this, as with all other phobias, is that the sub-conscious  has perceived it to be a threat to our well being, it may be that at some time we have been on a flight that has experienced turbulence or it could be we have seen a film or  news clipping about an air disaster and this has mistakenly been allowed to filter into our sub-conscious, this negative image is then stored there and whenever the idea of flying comes up the sub-conscious will try to protect us by producing these unreasonable fears, and because it is unable to apply reason to the situation the fears continue to cause problems until we receive intervention at a sub-conscious level, such as HYPNOTHERAPY.



                              WHY DOES HYPNOTHERAPY WORK


Because the conscious mind filters what it allows into the sub-conscious, it frequently edits out information which would be extremely helpful to go through. We could sit and talk at a conscious level for days or even years, without for example, dispelling the fear of flying, yet as little as an hour in HYPNOTHERAPY can alleviate these fears leaving you calm and peaceful, ready and happy to fly.

The reason for this is that with the use of HYPNOTHERAPY we can bypass the conscious mind.

The HYPNOTHERAPIST will lull the conscious mind to a sleep like state, during this time the sub-conscious comes to the fore and is able to accept beneficial ideas and suggestions, it is also able to let go of old negative concepts and notions, releasing unwanted habits and phobias, because now all the information is  going directly into the sub-conscious without any interference from the conscious mind, thereby allowing deep and lasting change to take place at the all powerful sub-conscious level.

It is vital that that this open access to the sub-conscious is not permanently available, the filtering process whilst as we have seen, not always perfect is non the less vital, when the sub-conscious is left without this protection it is open to all suggestions and images regardless of whether they are beneficial or damaging.

For this reason HYPNOTHERAPY should only be practised by a trained professional who is competent to administer it safely and effectively.




                    Why is it that some people are so successful?


You have probably heard the old saying “we make our own luck in this world”,which leaves most of us wondering HOW. It is a secret known by all successful people throughout the world, it is a secret I am now going to share with you.

You can choose between wealth and poverty, you can choose whether to have good or bad relationships, you can even choose between health and illness. You make the choice in all areas of your life.

Everything is manifested by your own thoughts. That’s right POSITIVE THINKING really does work, but the flip side to this is that the reverse is also true and negative thinking has a powerful effect on us, and not for the good.

So by learning to manage your way of thinking, learning how to be a positive thinker, you have the power to change your life.

Noel Edmonds is among the many household names that have turned their life around by using PMA (positive mental attitude).

He went through a very dark time in his life, where nothing seemed to go right. He came to realise that the more he complained and felt sorry for himself the worse things got. He began to change his way of thinking, and as he started to think positively he began to see positive changes happening in his life. He has written a book “Positively Happy”, in which he shares his philosophy on this positive phenomena.




                             HOW CAN I APPLY THIS TO MY LIFE?


Your sub-conscious mind works like a computer, you get out of it exactly what you put into it.

So if you are in the habit of constantly thinking and acting negatively, you will get negatives back.

For instance if you constantly tell yourself you cannot do something, you cannot afford this or that, other people have all the luck etc. etc. etc. Your sub-conscious  takes this as the command you are giving it and makes sure you get lots more to complain about.

However when you start to talk positively to yourself and others, you will start to see amazing changes.

Instead of telling yourself you cannot do something, ask yourself “how can I do this”, you are then putting a different command in, your sub-conscious will  reward you by coming up with ways to achieve your goal.

The same applies to all areas of your life, if you are always worrying about your health you will find you are ill more often than a person who just expects to be well. If you continually proclaim “ I can’t afford that”, you are re-enforcing in your sub-conscious your desire to remain poor. Try telling yourself instead “ I can afford it but I choose not to get it at this time”.

Once you open your mental eye to the abundance that is all around you, you open yourself to infinite possibilities.




                                         LEARNING FROM MISTAKES  



The great inventors of the world knew that they could not give in at the first failed attempt. Had Edison given up on the light bulb because his early attempts failed we would still be using candle light. Even after many attempts he remained positive and undaunted, proclaiming “Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time”.

In fact he had many “just one more times”, before his ultimate success, at one point announcing “I have not failed. I have just found 10,000 ways that don’t work.

Tell yourself you can do it, and you will be surprised at how easy life becomes.

Your life is truly a manifestation of your own thoughts and beliefs.

HYPNOTHERAPY is extremely effective in assisting you to make these positive changes to your life, by implanting these beneficial ideas and suggestions at this very deep internal level they have a powerful effect upon your consciousness. 





                                       CREATIVE VISULISATION



The sub-conscious sees everything literally, it does not have the ability to differentiate between fact and fiction, if you vividly imagine something the sub-conscious part of your brain accepts it as something you have actually done.

Encoding the memory of this “achievement” into your neurology and physiology, ensuring that the techniques used to accomplish this “achievement” are stored within you enabling you to use and improve upon these resources in the future.

Way back in the late nineteenth  century an American named Wallace Wattles promoted the use of CREATIVE VISUALISATION in his book The Science of Getting Rich, he understood the power of the sub-conscious mind and its ability in achieving his goals.

Today it is widely used in Sports Colleges throughout the world, to enhance performance.

An athlete will be taught to vividly picture and imagine them selves achieving the pinnacle of success in their chosen sport. These “successes” will be stored in the neurology and physiology of the athlete and each time the CREATIVE VISUALISATION technique is repeated the positive effect is built on, strengthened and increased.

HYPNOTHERAPY is frequently used as a form of guided visualisation, in which the HYPNOTHERAPIST will talk you through your achievements, seeing yourself preparing for and then performing your desired task, feeling the elation and flush of success, being aware of those around you, family and friends, of their pride and joy in your success.

CREATIVE VISUALISATION can be used to improve all areas of your life, although perhaps the most researched area is that of sport. Russian Scientists conducted studies using Olympic athletes who they split into separate groups for the purpose of their experiment.

Group 1 was given 100% physical training.

Group 2 was given 75% physical training plus 25% mental training.

Group 3 was given 50% physical training plus 50% mental training.

The results showed that group 3 gave the best performances, the memory of the positive visualisation also being stored as muscle memory enabling an automatic physical response by the athlete.

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bill Gates are among the many celebrity names who openly acknowledge their own successful and continuing use of creative visualisation.

Sir Richard Branson is one of the greatest advocates of Positive thinking, and visualisation attributing his own phenomenal success to his use of these powerful tools.

“Science has proven that when you visualize your brain cannot tell the difference between the visualization and you actually taking that action in real life...Because of this, your brain will automatically start to make the connections it needs to make the visualisation come true. All of a sudden, you begin to notice people, resources and opportunities around you, to help you achieve that goal, and thats the law of attraction at work".       Natalie Ledwell



                                          THE PLACEBO EFFECT


Placebos work on the mind, body connection, a patient will take a medication with the expectation of an improvement in their condition. This message is transmitted to the sub-conscious mind, which then sets to work on improving and even curing the medical condition. In other words causing the body to produce its own chemical response to alleviate the condition.

By prescribing the placebo the doctor is in effect instructing the patient’s sub-conscious mind that this will be of great value to their health and well being. This has a similar effect to the HYPNOTHERAPIST introducing these beneficial ideas directly into the inner mind.

It once again demonstrates the incredible power of the sub-conscious. It can be used to great effect following surgery, if a patient expects to have a long, slow recovery their sub-conscious will accept this as the desired outcome and ensure they get it.

However the opposite is also true, patients who are taught to visualise a speedy recovery without setbacks tend to recover much quicker.

Doctors who use these techniques are harnessing the power of the sub-conscious mind in their healing methods.

The competent HYPNOTHERAPIST uses similar techniques everyday to benefit their client.







When a person becomes depressed their world becomes a very dark and negative place. They tend to remember only the bad times, it is as though nothing good has ever happened in their lives.

This negative thinking drives you toward further anxiety and ever deeper into depression. It can cause illness and poor health in all areas of your life. This is because your negative thinking creates further negative thoughts, it becomes a viscous circle, going round and round on the treadmill, never getting anywhere.

But you can change this!

You don’t have to put up with it!

You simply have to change your thought patterns!

With the help of HYPNOTHERAPY this can be easier than you ever thought possible!

In HYPNOTHERAPY you can be taught how to stop the negative thoughts and replace them with powerful positive thoughts.

 Just as the old negative thoughts fed on one another causing them to increase so your new positive thoughts will feed on each other creating a positive state of mind.

 Once you get into the habit of thinking and acting positively you will become happier, healthier, because you are now feeding that positive mind set within you and starving the negative one.

You  can learn to look around you for things you can be thankful for, once you find one (maybe the sun on your face), it will amaze you how much more you will find to be thankful for in your life.

This is the start of your road to recovery, and all brought about by changing your thought patterns and the power of your sub-conscious mind.






                                 MAKING A POSITIVE ENVIROMENT


As you have seen we make our own environment through our own thoughts and reactions, but we also create the environment for our children to grow up in.

These early formative years lay the foundation which a child will build on in creating their own life path.

If a child is constantly subjected to criticism, put downs and compared with others, that child will grow up to feel worthless and inadequate. With no confidence in their own value and abilities.

Whilst a child who grows up in a positive environment, where they are encouraged, nurtured and respected will grow into a confident happy person, with a true knowledge of their own worth, because these are the suggestions which have been put into their inner mind in those early formative years.

In my HYPNOTHERAPY practise I see many adults who are held back in life because of the negative environment in which they grew up.

With the aid of HYPNOTHERAPY it is possible to overcome the negative self belief patterns which have formed over the years releasing them from the limited boundaries these beliefs placed around them, allowing them to flourish and reach their true potential.

In these pages we have merely brushed the surface of this powerful and fascinating subject.

I hope however that I have succeeded in demonstrating the treasure trove of power which is inbuilt into each and every one of us.

Once we have learned how to tap into and utilise this store we are in possession of all we need to make powerful life changes.





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