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Stop Smoking with the power of Hypnosis

Course Description

Stopping Smoking, for many people, is one of the hardest habits to break.

Smoking is a health destroying habit that can cost your life as well as emptying your wallet.


As a senior Hypnotherapist, I have successfully helped many people to break this awful habit.


To try to help even more people to quit this terrible habit I have designed my "Stop Smoking using Hypnosis" course using the same methodology and techniques I use in my clinic.


The course is designed to give you insight into why people smoke, the effects it as on the body, how stopping smoking can in many cases reverse the majority of the health problems caused by smoking.


I have designed the hypnosis session, included in this course, to create within the subconscious a totally new way of thinking about smoking.


We can then work together to achieve your goal of becoming and remaining a non smoker.


As with all my clients I believe aftercare is essential so I have included an "Aftercare" section at the end of the course.


Now is the time to stop. Now is the time to feel healthier. Now is the time to be a Non Smoker.


What are the requirements?

  • The desire to improve your life through stopping smoking.

  • A quiet environment to gain the most from your hypnotherapy.

  • Ultimately an open mind and the willingness to allow Hypnotherapy to improve your life.

What am I going to get from this course?

  • Over 11 lectures!

  • Specially created hypnotherapy to give you the best results possible.

  • An in depth understanding of why we smoke and how you can retrain your sub conscious to alter this.

  • Additional practical understanding of how to effectively use EFT and NLP to improve your life.

  • The ability to access downloadable content surrounding your to allow you to understand the information in your preferred format.

  • Aftercare that will help us work together so that you can achieve your goal of becoming a non smoker.

What is the target audience?


  • Anyone who wishes to give themselves the best chance of not only stopping smoking but helping their mindset to improve their life as a whole.


Section 1: Introduction to your Stop Smoking Course
  Lecture 1  

Within this lecture, your will be introduced to your course and have the areas covered outlined to you.

  Lecture 2  

Within this lecture, your will be taken through what to expect in your Hypnosis session which will take place further in this course.

  Lecture 3  

Please view and take onboard the points raised in the lecture which are very important in relation to your Hypnotherapy.

Section 2: Why do we start to smoke?
  Lecture 4  

Within this lecture, your will be taken through an understanding as to the reasons why we start to smoke and the difficulties individuals face due to these reasons.

  Lecture 5  

Within this lecture, your will be shown how to retrain your subconscious in order to assist your therapy for optimum results.

Section 3: Incorporating EFT and NLP to aid your ability to stop smoking
  Lecture 6  

Within this lecture, your will be taken through how EFT can be used to provide assistance in your ongoing treatment alongside your Hypnosis.

  Lecture 7  

Within this lecture, your will be taken through how NLP can be used to provide assistance in your ongoing treatment alongside your Hypnosis.

Section 4: Your Hypnotherapy Session
  Lecture 8  

Within this lecture, your will be advised as to the appropriate preparation required to gain maximum benefit from your Hypnotherapy session.

  Lecture 9  

Within this lecture, your will be given your Hypnotherapy session. Please make sure you have taken the appropriate steps as outlined in the previous lecture.

Section 5: Aftercare
  Lecture 10  

Within this lecture, your will be provided with the details of your aftercare.

  Lecture 11  


Price: £72

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