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Reiki Enrolment Fees



Below you will find a list of the e-learning courses that are available for you to Enrol on through this website.

The tuition fee for each course is listed at the side of that particular course. 

To enrol an any of the courses listed, decide on the course you want then immediately after the tuition fee select "Click Here to Enrol" this will redirect you to the enrolement page for that particular course.

The courses can be purchased individually or as a package. When you have enrolled on your chosen course you will be sent the password for that course, then either click on the link below the course title or click on the course tag on the left hand side of your screen, please note each course is password protected and the password will be required each time you want to enter your course.

There is no time limit on any of our courses so you can learn at your leisure.


           Course                                                     Fee


Reiki Level 1 Beginners course                          £150  Click Here to Enrol

Reiki Level 1 Link


Reiki Level 2 Intermediate course                      £275  Click Here to Enrol

Reiki Level 2 Link


Reiki Level 1 and 2 purchased together             £350  Click Here to Enrol



Reiki Level 3 ART course                                   £475  Click Here to Enrol

Reiki Level 3 Art Link


Reiki Level 3 Teaching course                            £575  Click Here to Enrol

Reiki Level 3 Teacher link


Reiki Level 3 Art and 3 Teaching

purchased together                                             £975  Click Here to Enrol



Reiki Level 1, 2 and 3 Art and Teaching

purchased together                                            £1250  Click Here to Enrol






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