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FAQ's on Hypnosis



Q. Can anyone be hypnotised?

A. Yes, the vast majority of people can be hypnotised.


Q. Can hypnosis help me stop smoking?

A. Yes, nine out of every ten people who consult me for this problem do in fact STOP SMOKING.


Q. Is hypnosis painful?

A. No, not in any way. Hypnosis is a very relaxing pleasant experience.


Q. Can hypnosis help me STOP SMOKING CANNABIS?

A. Yes, I have successfully treated many people for this problem, ranging from light to heavy usage.


Q. Are there any side effects to hypnosis?

A. Only positive ones! There are no known negative side effects. Most people report they feel relaxed and invigorated after a session, with an uncluttered mind.


Q. Can I receive hypnotherapy treatment on the NHS?

A. You would need to consult your doctor, to gain NHS approval.


Q. How many sessions will I need?

A. In the majority of cases a single session is all that is required. Canabis smoking will need 2/5 sessions. Costs.


Q. Is there any after care available?

A. Yes. At the end of your STOP SMOKING session you will be given a pack containing lots of useful information to help and guide you through the early days, along with a hypnosis CD which I have made exclusively for this purpose. Clients can also contact me by either phone or email if they have any after treatment queries.


Q. How long will a hypnotherapy session last?

A. A normal session lasts 50 minutes. However I would ask you to allow a little extra time as sometimes a session can over run, there is no extra charge for sessions that run over.


Q. When do I pay for the treatment?

A. At the end of each session payment is required , either by cash or cheque, we apologise but we do not have any card facilities at present. Costs.


Q. How can Hypnotherapy Help me?

A.Through a process of learning to eliminate negative thought patterns, and replace them with positive ones, you can start to regain your confidence and feel good about yourself.

You will also be taught how to let go of stress and relax. Essential for your health and well being.

You have the right to relax, to feel good, to be happy. You do not have to accept stress overload and the negative effects it has on your health and well being.

The stress of modern life is real, but how you respond to it is up to you. You can react to stress in a positive way and counteract the damage it may be doing to your well being.

Should you be considering Hypnosis for the first time, you may be slightly apprehensive, not knowing what to expect.

Hypnosis is a natural state of deep relaxation, during which your sub-conscious mind-the controller of all automatic processes and reactions becomes more susceptible to suggestion.

Contrary to some depictions of hypnosis in books, movies or television, people who have been hypnotised do not lose control over their behaviour. They typically remain aware of who they are and where they are, and unless amnesia has been specifically suggested, they also remember what transpired during hypnosis. Hypnosis makes it easier for people to experience positive suggestions, which are for their benefit. It also strengthens the ego and brings about positive attitudes.

Almost without exception, after a Hypnosis session you will awaken feeling relaxed, peaceful, content and confident.

It has been said that if HYPNOSIS could be bottled it would be mankind’s wonder drug, as it can be used to treat an amazingly wide variety of issues.



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