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FAQ's on Reiki


Q.  How do I get my Reiki certificates?

A.  There are four certificates in total, Reiki level 1, 2, Art and Teacher, When you have completed each level please contact me through my contact page on this website giving me the details about the Reiki level you have studied your name and your email address. Your certificate will then be emailed to you within seven days.


Q.  What is Reiki?

A.  Reiki is an ancient art for promoting wellbeing and peace of mind, body and spirit.


Q.  How does Reiki work?

A.  The life force which flows through our Meridians and Chakras can become blocked causing inbalance within the body. Reiki realligns these pathways and clears the blockages.


Q.  Where does Reiki energy come from?

A.  Reiki energy lies dormant within all of us. The Reiki attunement which you will receive during your course awakens these energies allowing to channel them for your clients highest good.


Q.  Is Reiki a Religion?

A. No. All that is needed to give or receive Reiki is an open mind.


Q.  How do I give a Reiki treatment?

A.  The Reiki energy flows through the practioners hands into the client. It is not unusual for the client to feel extreme warmth from the practioners hands. Ideally the client would be lying fully clothed on a therapy bed. The practioner then places their hands in certain positions on the clients body. The therapy can be done in two ways, firstly the therapist can lay their hands directly on to the clients body, secondly the therapists hands can be raised above and away from the body depending on the preference of the client.


Q. What will a Reiki treatment feel like?

A. No two Reiki treatments are ever the same. Reiki energy will go to where it is needed at that time. However almost everyone reports feelings of deep inner calmness, relaxation and wellbeing. Relieving excess feelings of stress and anxiety.





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